ABOUT Axai Axai is a native currency of Waves. It functions as the default token of payment for all of our services, and is the means by which we reward to leasers supporters of all kinds and build value around our ecosystem. You can significantly increase your capital, but also loose it completely.


AxAi is a cryptocurrency utility token based on the peer-to-peer decentralized Waves Dex exchange. A Loyalty token to Reward Supporters who lease to our Node. A Utility Token to make Purchases in AxAi Marketplace, AxAi’s main objective is to contribute to the development of tourism. Various use cases like merchants will allow for the speedy payment of goods, and services.

AxAi team plans on making their platform KYC compliant in order to form partnerships with banks. This will provide AxAi users with the ability to use Fiat a Finance banking act, a gateway for fiat currency to be deposited and withdrawn from their account seamlessly. Waves allows users to lease  tokens from Users wallets to various nodes for interest Waves currently has wallets available for IOS and Android 


Install the Yoti mobile application.

Use Yoti

What is KYC?

KYC (“Know Your Customer”) is a process by which we request official documents from our clients to verify their age and other personal information. Including bank accounts (for Wire transfers) . KYC is essential in preventing money laundering.

Why do AxAi customers have to KYC?

AxAi is committed to help fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Our goal is to participate in the establishment of a fair, safe and socially responsible international cryptocurrency and cryptotokens market. We require our clients to undergo the KYC process to ensure that the purchasing of cryptocurrencies and cryptotokens is not linked to any criminal activity. We collect customer information (age, identity, funds verification) as part of our licensing conditions and codes.

When am I required to proceed with KYC?

We require clients to proceed with KYC before making their first transactions. Once you have been KYC verified you can start making transactions on our platform.

Who am I providing personal information to?

AxAi uses a third-party platform called YOTI who will manage the verification process. In order to complete the KYC process with Yoti you must:

Install the Yoti mobile application.

 and upload a photo of yourself

Confirm and verify your mobile number
Record a five second video where you repeat three randomly generated words to prove you are human
Upload a photo of your driving license or passport to verify your identity.

Yoti will verify and match your details to your biometrics. Their trained team will perform extra verification to ensure that the details and documents you provided are genuine.

Where is my personal information stored?

Yoti uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure your personal details.
This means that there is no ‘profile’ for hackers to target.

Further reading:

Consult Yoti’s website:
Learn more about Yoti’s Privacy Policy:

Learn more about the patents Yoti has been granted and has applied for:

Cryptocurrencies and cryptotokens are high risk investments and may not be suitable for all members of the public and all types of investors.

Before purchasing cryptocurrencies or cryptotokens, the client must ensure that the nature, complexity and risks inherent to the trading of cryptocurrencies are suitable for his objectives in light of his circumstances and financial position. You should not purchase cryptocurrencies or cryptotokens unless you understand the extent of your exposure to potential losses.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates have exhibited strong volatility to date and the client or purchaser must understand that his exposure to potential losses could extend to his entire cryptocurrency investment.

Due to the decentralized nature of the Waves DEX platform, many factors which may affect the market price of cryptocurrencies or cryptotokens are beyond AxAi’s control, including, but not limited to: National and international economic, financial, regulatory, political, terrorist, military, and other events; adverse or positive news events and publicity; and generally extreme, uncertain, and volatile market conditions. Extreme changes in price may occur at any time, resulting in a potential loss of value of your entire investment in cryptocurrencies, complete or partial loss of purchasing power, and difficulty or a complete inability to sell or exchange your digital currency.

Therefore, AxAi shall be under no legal or moral obligation to purchase or to broker the purchase of your cryptocurrencies or cryptotokens back from you in circumstances where there is no viable market for the purchase of the same.


Beware of fake asset names as token creators can use anything they want.

AxAi Founder and team cannot be held responsible for any project related activity (or lack thereof). Always check with official sources if the Asset ID is genuine and if the project behind a token is trustworthy. It’s a good idea and safety common sense to double check a project’s history rating reputation. By using this faucet engine and website associated you confirm that you’re aware of the risks mentioned above.

The use of our Faucets is made available by Token creators to donate a said token or Coin, AxAi will charge a small fee of 5% of donated tokens for the faucet operations. Our faucet address for daily free distribution to Axai clients and fans. Axai is not responsible for tokens and Distributions address. And will have no obligation to provide a faucet service to visitors.


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