Instructions to get started with a WAVES wallet

1. To create a WAVES wallet, go to and click GET STARTED

2. Choose an avatar and your ACCOUNT ADDRESS will be generated automatically.
An account address is your WALLET address and will be a mix of numbers and letters resembling this: 3PFqtbeiJi5NzAfY5SKFTcSNjLYVL9JHSMK.

3. Once you have chosen an avatar that suits you click CONTINUE.

4. Choose an ACCOUNT NAME (your login ID) and create a PASSWORD. To be strong a password should include at least one number and a special symbol (an exclamation or interrogation mark, a star or percentage sign etc).    

5. You should BACKUP your account (Seed security feature to restore your Wallet).

6. Confirm that you understand terms of uses and click LET’S CONTINUE.

7. Congratulations, you have created a WAVES wallet and are ready to BUY the cryptocurrency of your choice!

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