KYC requires your personal information to verify your identity.

We will not disclose your personal details to anyone unless we are legally required to do so to protect your vital interests, our vital interests or the vital interests of a natural person.

What is KYC?

KYC (“Know Your Customer”) is a process by which we request official documents from our clients to verify their age and other personal information. Including bank accounts (for Wire transfers) . KYC is essential in preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Why do AxAi customers have to KYC?

AxAi is committed to help fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Our goal is to participate in the establishment of a fair, safe and socially responsible international cryptocurrency and cryptotokens market. We require our clients to undergo the KYC process to ensure that the purchasing of cryptocurrencies and cryptotokens is not linked to any criminal activity. We collect customer information (age, identity, funds verification) as part of our conditions.

When am I required to proceed with KYC?

We require clients to proceed with KYC before making their first transactions. Once you have been KYC verified you can start making transactions on our platform.

Who am I providing personal information to?

AxAi uses a third-party platform called YOTI who will manage the verification process. In order to complete the KYC process with Yoti you must:

 and upload a photo of yourself

  • Confirm and verify your mobile number
  • Record a five second video where you repeat three randomly generated words to prove you are human
  • Upload a photo of your driving license or passport to verify your identity.

Yoti will verify and match your details to your biometrics. Their trained team will perform extra verification to ensure that the details and documents you provided are genuine.

Where is my personal information stored?

Yoti uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure your personal details.
This means that there is no ‘profile’ for hackers to target.


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