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Axai provides the security of blockchain, to everyday users. Easy to use software.

Buy/Sell Crypto directly, via Waves exchange.

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A digital currency with a record transactions is maintained and new units of currency are generated by the computational solution of mathematical problems, Operates independently of a central bank.

Use Axai by sending or receiving from a Wallet. Trading at your own risk. The main purpose is to protect the value, while trading on exchanges. Join US on Social Media. Furthermore AxAi, is used as a payment method for daily use. 

AxAi aims to facilitate adoption of Crypto friendly usage, holding as a savings, fast transactions on Blockchain, AxAi represents a Leasing rewarding method in Waves that offers a variety of benefits.

⦁ Node Block Payments rewards.

⦁ Leasing Rewards Waves and Tokens. And in XBTS 

⦁ Peer to Peer

AxAi is listed in exchanges and popular markets trading pairs.

Axai ecosystem is growing every day. Here are more options to buy & sell Axai, get Axai gear, accept AXAI add to YOUR website and in the shop and more with our partners’ tools and services.
Accept Axai On Your Website.
Merchants can easily accept Axai for payments, on their WooCommerce & WordPress websites with this plugin. You can start using AxAi as a payment method. scan the QR code and pay, vendor. Generate your QR, example on Axai Donation
Donate Axai 
Contact us to be added, for listing, include the information about your business:
⦁ Waves wallet ID (address).
⦁ Name of business and applicant.
⦁ Logo in Jpeg format ,
⦁ Listing fees 1000 AxAi per listing.

Buy and Sell tokens on the Waves Exchange and other exchange platforms, as it is secure and user friendly. To create a cryptocurrency wallet on Waves please follow these simple steps:
⦁ Go to ⦁ Waves  and click GET STARTED.  

AxAi is a decentralized cryptocurrency utility token based on the peer-to-peer of Waves Exchange. The objective is to contribute to the development of services, and commissions. AxAi is best known as A Loyalty token to Reward Supporters who lease to our Node. A Utility Token to make Purchases in AxAi and WW Marketplace, adds and listing.

Log in to Waves Exchange and check out the video.

For the private sale KYC or “Know Your Customer” ” is a process by which we request official documents from our clients to verify their age and other personal KYC is essential in preventing money laundering and the financing of illegal organisations. AxAi is committed to help fight against money laundering, Our goal is to participate in the establishment of a fair, safe and socially responsible international cryptocurrency. Clients are required to undergo the KYC process We collect via Yoti app customer information (age, identity, funds verification). The application regulatory authorities of the absolute legality of the transaction carried out. Thus, you confirm that you are a law-abiding citizen.
We do everything in our power to maintain our reputation as a legitimate, law-abiding a service that is safe for use by anyone, 
We require clients to proceed with KYC before the private sale. 
AxAi uses a third-party platform called YOTI who will manage the verification process. In order to complete the KYC process.
⦁ Install the Yoti mobile application: https://www.yoti.com/
⦁ Take and upload a photo of yourself
⦁ Confirm and verify your mobile number
⦁ Record a five second video where you repeat three randomly generated words to prove you are human
⦁ Upload a photo of your driving license or passport to verify your identity.
Yoti will verify and match your details.
⦁ Consult Yoti’s website: ⦁ https://www.yoti.com
⦁ Learn more about Yoti’s Privacy Policy: 

Join AxAi Awareness Cast a Vote for AxAi at TokenRating  

On going Voting at Nanu https://nanu.exchange/site/voting

Earn passive income, Lease your Waves directly from your wallet to address  3PJgDho14MN1ueX7D1kp2XJ3McggppfdQeT and receive Waves and automated generated tokens (less the transaction fees) according to the amount of Waves you have leased.

Waves exchange offers USDN staking program. 

Sato exchange staking coming soon.

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Asset info

Name: Axai
Exchange: Waves  @ ( AXAI )
Asset ID: A4tvKLB66QMmSJPXJgiajNnrtSjvqAapxTqhLzJbBNFX

Waves Blockchain with symbol AXAI.

White Paper v 0.1

Donate AxAi or Waves to this address.
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