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 ($AXAI) is a standalone Blockchain with its tokenized Asset on Waves platform. 
Buy/Sell Crypto directly,

Earn 12-15% a year just for holding coins
Waves exchange

Store your coins, stake earn & trade from your Waves wallet

Easy to use.

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Trading AxAi on Exchanges

Waves exchange Staking lease & earn

Organization proof of stake and utility.

Xbts exchange bridge for Axai / Bitshares

Defi Ammob liquidity pool & staking 

 #DPoS Automated Liquidity Pool

Sato exchange

Promo code AXAI


H2ox Telegram exchange

Alt exchanger

Dapp – Swap – Stake

XBTS bridge Cross-chaine

Staking APY 50% 

USDN APY* 12-15% a year
Waves APY* 4% a year
AXAI APY* 14% a year
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